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Bilbao - domingo, 24 de febrero de 2019

 Our visit to Cabárceno:

On Thursday September 24th, Primary 5 and 6 went to visit Cabarceno Natural Park with Mr. Del Olmo, Señorita Gemma and Señorita Laura.

The purpose of the visit was to learn about the environment of animals and to enjoy ourselves all at the the same time. 
We arrived there by bus at nine thirty. We were all very excited and willing to see all the different types of animals.
We first went to see the reptilarium which was close to  the main entrance.
There were lots of different types of snakes. Some were small but others were  huge.
We saw two big Anacondas, about 3 mts long that were sleeping. Other types of snakes that we saw were: the black bamba, the rattle snake, cobras and other common snakes like the viper.
Apart from the snakes there were other reptiles, like iguanas.
We then drove with the school bus to see the lions. We were very lucky because all the lions were very near the visitors’ area and only a few people were there.
There were four females and a male, but there weren’t any lion cubs.
After that we visited the bison.
We were searching for them, until we saw one in a cage. It was very difficult to see it from our distance, because we were very far away from the bison and we couldn’t go further.
The next stop was the elephants. There were around 10 or 12 grazing, that is, eating grass and others up the hill. We saw also a baby elephant very close to the visitors’ area.
After the elephants, we went to see the show of the white rhinoceros. While we were waiting in the entrance of the building, we saw two male rhinoceros fighting against each other. It was amazing!!!!! 
Then a scientist came and explained the rhino's enviroment  and how they lived, what they ate and lots of important details.
Other amazing shows were one of the wild birds and the second of the sea lions. In the birds show we could see eagles flying around and very close to us. In the sea lion show we saw how two females do acrobatic movements, jumped into rings, danced with the monitor and it was very funny. We had a very good time.
After that we went to the little farm where we saw piglets with their mummy, ponies, porcupines, meerkats, bunnies and a turkey.
Our last visit was to see the tigers (we saw two of them), the gorillas and the bears.
There were so many bears that it was difficult to count them all. We counted a total amount of thirty two bears
Finally we visited the giraffes and unfortunately we could see only one and very far away from us.
After all that looking at animals and running up and down, it was time to have our lunch. We had a nice picnic on the grass and played until it was time to go back to school.
It was a very pleasent day, although the trip was long, but we had an amazing time with all our mates.         
Thank you to the two pupils, Nerea Muro and Tanja Lavandero for writing the Article

  Cabarceno 2015

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