Our Sports Day was well worth waiting for, with perfect weather, where we had the opportunity to meet up with each other and enjoy ourselves in the company of our children.

The day began with the parade, the younger children being led by the older ones, who are leaving school this year to continue with the next stage in their education.

This was followed by the games in Infants, Primary and Secondary, where the pupils took part in their houses, in different activities of varying difficulty. It was heartwarming to hear students of all ages cheering on the others in their house, irrespective of age, and to feel the excitement this created.

The children of Primary also delighted us with their dancing skills and there was, as tradition demands, the popular match between students, parents and teachers.

We would like to thank the former pupils who turned up to the event, as it is always a pleasure to see them, learn about what they are doing now, what they have achieved and to realise that the idea of “once a Georgian, always a Georgian” still means something to them!

Finally, our thanks also to everyone who made this event a success: to all the school staff and students of Baccalaureate 1 for their time, dedication and effort, to the participating students and to the families for their support and collaboration, all of which helped to make a day to remember.

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20 / 06 / 19