As in recent years, on the 28 May, we held our Cambridge Examination diploma ceremony for 2018 – 2019, where Mr. Michael Holmes, the Director of the British Council in Bilbao, presented our pupils with their certificates.

We are very proud to say that once again, our students have achieved excellent results and also that on a national scale, St. George’s English School enrols more students for these demanding language examinations than any other, especially at such young ages and with such success.

However, the results of these challenging tests depend not only on the knowledge the candidate has of the language, but also on their maturity and understanding and awareness of current affairs, especially at the higher levels.

Hence we find that children in Primary 6, at the age of eleven, already have the skills needed to have a real possibility of passing these examinations, and this tendency continues throughout their Secondary education, where several subjects ( Science, Laboratory techniques, Computing, PSHE, Biology, Anatomy, History of Science and part of Philosophy) are taught in English, proof of our students’ competence in this language.

All in all, it has been a very satisfying year and our most sincere congratulations to all involved!



30 / 05 / 19