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Canoeing Ria Bilbao Y6 Y7

2019 Activities

Canoeing Ria Bilbao Year 6 Year 7 – 24 -09-2019 Last Tuesday we carried out our classic  initiation to canoeing with Year 6 and 7 students in the Bilbao estuary. Good weather helped everything to go smoothly. Very good atmosphere!, numerous boardings, voluntary immersions (others not so much) and good coordination between the paddling couples. […]


2019 Activities

Although early in the morning the sky didn’t bode well, little by little it improved and by the time we got to Santurtzi the weather was excellent, with an optimum temperature for climbing the mountain. The first slope is hard and there were already some students with respiratory problems. But after the rest and appropriate […]

Mind the Gap 2019

2019 Activities

  DAY 1 – 09-06-2019 Click to see  some pictures On Sunday the 9th every one of us was packed and ready to go. It only took Eric to pass the airport’s drug control for us to head to the gate, of course buying some snacks first. The flight was  relaxing, or at least for […]


2019 Activities

Serantes 5 June 2019 Year 6 To close the cycle of activities in nature after having done canoeing and skiing, he played mountain. And we have in front of the school a very attractive mountain: the Serantes. Towards its summit we headed from the Cabieces district of Santurtzi, one of the most classic routes of […]


2019 Activities

Last week a group of our students attended a three-day football 7 tournament at Agora school in Barcelona, the first time we have participated in this competition. We were competing against teams from other schools in the Nace group, from Rome, Nice, Andorra, Madrid, Castellón, Mallorca, San Cugat and Barcelona. In addition to the Football […]

Move your fingers · Andoni Elías

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Last Thursday, May 23rd, all our piano students had the opportunity to meet Maestro Andoni Elías, creator of the “Move your fingers” method. In addition to the interesting talk he gave us, in which our students showed a lot of interest through their questions, they also enjoyed playing different pieces of his four-handed piano method. […]

Safety Formation · Ertzaintza


For the third consecutive year our school has participated in the plan of talks on safety training for schoolchildren given by the Ertzaintza. They have been given by professionals from the Erandio Police Station. The talks given were on Monday 13 School Harassment for groups YEAR 6 and YEAR 7, and Drug Prevention for 3 […]

Salines · Añana Eso 2nd

2019 Activities

On 5 April we visited Añana Salines in Álava with the students of 1st and Eso 2nd. A salt exploitation prior to the Roman conquest, where we carried out a very interesting guided visit to the salt mines. They explained to us how they obtained the salt water and the process to turn it into […]

Antonio Miranda Baracaldo Foundation

2019 Activities

For the second consecutive year, the Antonio Miranda  Baracaldo Foundation has asked the school for help in representing the Passion of Jesus Christ. This Foundation is dedicated to the care of the elderly. Our students, together with a large group of volunteers, helped to move the elderly in wheelchairs from their rooms to the courtyard […]

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