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Our vision

St. George’s British International School is a private international school that aims to provide every student with a broad and balanced education in a stimulating, family-friendly environment. We believe that students learn best when they are happy, motivated and confident. Our school forms part of the prestigious Globeducate education group, who operate more than 50 schools worldwide, providing our pupils with unique opportunities to interact with students from a wide range of cultures and nationalities. This helps to prepare them for life within the global community and offers genuine insight into the challenges faced by the world today. Our mission is to help our pupils to fulfil their maximum academic, professional and personal potential.

Our Philosophy

The educational philosophy at St. George’s British International School coincides with that of all schools belonging to the Globeducate group, and is based upon 5 core values:

  • A British Curriculum
  • Educational Excellence
  • More than just a School
  • Education in Values
  • Global Readiness

St. George’s British International School is the only school in Bizkaia that offers the British Curriculum, and this plays a central role in our international vision; we prepare our students to live successfully and happily in a world in which interconnection between countries becomes more important each day and where academic and professional mobility opens up a whole new world of opportunity.

Our curriculum provides every student with an individual learning experience designed to provide an integrated and all-round education. We believe that music, art and sport play a vital role in promoting and enhancing each student’s potential and help to instil values ​​such as teamwork, creativity, determination, respect and a sense of personal and academic confidence.

Our Organisation: Globeducate

Globeducate is one of the world’s top 5 education groups, owning and operating more than 50 schools located throughout 9 different countries. The schools that belong to the Globeducate group are connected by a shared vision that promotes educational excellence, global readiness, an education in values ​​and complete programmes in the arts, music and sports, which we believe are essential to the formation of well-rounded and well-educated individuals.  Belonging to the Globeducate group enables us to offer our students a wide range of unique international experiences and continual access to the best and most innovative teaching and learning strategies available in the world today.

A Letter from the Head

St. George’s British International School was founded more than 60 years ago and has a long history as a provider of excellent education. In addition to its high academic standards, the school has a reputation for offering an education in values such as self-discipline, hard work and integrity.

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Our History

St. George’s British International School was founded in 1956 by John Augustin Franks, a pioneer and entrepreneur who arrived in Bilbao from Great Britain in 1930, and who gained an excellent reputation as an educator and teacher of English.

Our History

Globeducate Group

St. George’s British International School forms part of the prestigious Globeducate group, one of the world’s top 5 education providers. The group owns and operates more than 50 schools located throughout 9 countries, and is currently educating more than 25,000 students worldwide.

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Here you can find out everything that you need to know about what’s going on at St. George’s British International School, including news, projects, events, media presence and much more. Our News & Blog pages keep our school community informed.

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