School Services

In order to offer students an all-round education whilst keeping the family at the forefront, and to optimise the home-school balance, St. George’s British International School has put in place a range of services that are designed to make life easier for the entire community school.

Dining Room

At St. George’s British International School, the health and well-being of our students is our top priority, and to ensure that the food that we provide is nutritionally optimal we have our own, onsite kitchen and dining service. This gives us full control over the planning and preparation of varied, balanced and nutritious menus, the selection of quality ingredients, and the ability to adapt our meals to meet specific individual dietary requirements. We firmly believe that meal times play an important role in the all-round education of our students and we like our students to feel like they are eating in a proper dining room rather than a canteen; for this reason, tables are laid with proper table cloths. Teachers supervise students during meal times, and insist upon good table manners and healthy eating habits, including eating fruit and vegetables.


Transport Service

We offer different bus routes from nearby towns and villages to the school so that parents with professional commitments and busy work schedules can ensure that their children get to school on time. If you would like further details about the school transport service and the routes available, please feel free to contact the school directly.


Extended Hours Service

We believe that part of the role of the school is to make every effort to understand the needs of today’s families. With this in mind, in addition to normal school hours, we offer an extended hours service, both before and after school, so that all families are able to combine school and family life with minimal stress.


Shop and Uniform

St. George’s British International School has its own shop where students can purchase school uniform and sports kit.


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