Sixth Form

In the Sixth Form students develop greater intellectual, social and physical maturity, begin to understand what motivates them, and to form a clearer idea about their possible future roles in society. Sixth Form tutors and the Guidance Department provide assistance and advice for each student and their families, to help to decide which Bachillerato pathway is most suited to their skills and their ambitions for the future. They can choose between Science and Technology or Social Sciences and Humanities, and within these pathways, select the optional subjects to which they are most suited.

During their last two years at St George’s British International School, students are given all the support and encouragement they need to achieve their full potential in terms of academic results. This, in turn, gives them more options when the time comes to make decisions about their further education or possible career choices. Our students achieve excellent results in the University Entrance Examinations (PAU), with 100% passing “Selectividad” and the vast majority of pupils gaining access to their first-choice university.

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