Early Years

Early Years Education is the stage during which children develop in many different ways: emotionally, affectively, physically, socially and cognitively. Your child’s first days out of the family home are vital: s/he will need to feel safe, nurtured and loved, in a warm and familiar environment. We monitor each individual child’s progress as they connect with other children and learn their first skills, at their own pace, in a comfortable, caring and stimulating environment.

Early Years Education is the foundation of the entire learning process. This phase offers children the opportunity to learn while playing, building relationships and experimenting with different practical activities. We focus on the acquisition of the English language, the development of motor skills, music and swimming, and a Teaching Assistant (TA) is assigned to each class to provide practical support for the specialist class teachers.

Full immersion in the English language is a distinctive feature of the curriculum at St. George’s British International School. Our students learn to communicate in English from an early age through play, music and art, and other activities. We help our pupils to develop a positive attitude towards learning in general, but also towards other languages ​​and cultures. Spanish is introduced when children start Reception at aged 4 or 5.

We believe that, in order for children to flourish and develop to their full potential, a close, open and positive home-school relationship is essential. For this reason, from the very beginning of your children’s journey with us, we will work closely with you in order to create a caring and family-friendly environment. Our students thrive in a home-from-home setting, surrounded by a great team of experienced professionals who seek to cultivate a passion for learning. A positive, caring, happy and stimulating educational experience at this stage ensures that even our very youngest pupils look forward to Monday mornings!

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