Secondary Education

At this vital stage of their academic journey, our students start to gain real control and ownership of their learning. Our innovative teaching methods encourage students to develop their technological skills as they complete research projects both individually and in groups. They learn to question and challenge information, and to defend their ideas and opinions in a factual and rational manner. They learn to conduct active and responsible research and continue to develop their developing critical thinking, problem solving and collaborative skills. Our success is reflected in the annual PISA tests, where St. George’s British International School consistently achieves well above the national average.

During the Secondary phase, students follow the Spanish National Curriculum in accordance with the guidelines set down by the Basque Department of Education. Pupils continue to study several subjects in English and French and prepare to sit their official Cambridge language examinations; by the age of sixteen, the vast majority of our students will have achieved the Advanced Certificate in English. In the 3rd and 4th year of Secondary (the equivalent of Years 10 and 11 in the British system), students take their IGCSEs (International General Certificate of Secondary Education), the world-renowned external qualifications that mark the end of the secondary phase of the British Curriculum. These exams provide excellent preparation for the final phase of their school-based education, the Sixth Form or Pre-University phase.

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