Thursday 20th, Iñigo Alcaraz, an old student of the School and current medical student, received the Book of the “Fundación lo que de Verdad Importa” written about the life of Alexander (popularly known as Jandro). Jandro and Iñigo have been together for six months sharing experiences about his life. From these stories has emerged the writing of this book published by Editorial SM.
It is the third year that this event is celebrated and the second that we participate as a school in this beautiful experience.
I want to convey my congratulations to Iñigo and his parents. I would also like to thank the “Fundación lo que de Verdad Importa” for inviting us to participate in this activity and the entities TELEFONICA, IBERDROLA, Editorial SM for making it possible. Thank you all very much.
We hope that initiatives such as these will be repeated in the future and that our students will participate in this type of activities to bring our elders closer to them.
Happy holidays!

25 / 06 / 19