• DAY 1 – 09-06-2019

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On Sunday the 9th every one of us was packed and ready to go. It only took Eric to pass the airport’s drug control for us to head to the gate, of course buying some snacks first. The flight was  relaxing, or at least for some, because Jaime was quite nervous. After two very interesting photos of people sleeping, we landed. Already in Stansted, we took a bus to Victoria Station where we bought oyster cards and headed to Russell station. Then we finally arrived to the Royal National hotel, where the different groups were handed the room keys. After, we were given 15 minutes to go to our rooms, relax a little bit, go to the bathroom, etc; before heading out to Leicester Square to eat. Once there, we had 90 minutes of free time to go eat something, walk around,etc. Finally we headed back to the hotel, where we went straight to sleep.

Celia Nistal, Jaime Sánchez & Laura villadangos


  • Day 2 – 10-09-2019

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On Monday the 10th we woke up early in the morning to have breakfast. Although the weather was not the best, we first went to King’s Cross Station where Harry Potter fans were really excited. Then, we went back in time to visit the British Museum and saw the mummies, the Roseta Stone and the marbles, which are the three most important exhibitions in the museum. After that we went to the globe theatre where we were lucky enough to catch a rehearsal of a play and we also got to participate in a workshop. Then we took a walk along the Thames passing by the Hay’s Gallery and we crossed the London Bridge in order to get to lunch. After lunch we had free time until seven and since the weather wasn’t in our favour we decided to go bowling,  but unfortunately we weren’t able to go in since most of us aren’t 18 yet. So, we decided to take another walk under the rain. Then we had dinner and after that went straight to the hotel. It was a wet and tiring day.

Amaia Díez, Celia Loroño & Angela Merino


  • Day 3 – Tuesday 11th June 2019

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After a brief sleep and some breakfast, we set off for the day. As the weather seemed to be relatively nice, we decided to walk to Camden Town and, despite our very slow pace, we manged to get there before 10:00 am, so we had to wait for a few minutes before the shops opened. After that was free time to wander around the markets and shops, and hopefully buy some stuff, almost everyone did. In the end, seeing that we weren’t going to have much time to eat after this visit, we decided to stay there and grab something fast to eat from any food stall around there. After eating really fast we had to walk for a really really long time we finally got to the Royal Exchange, where we went to the toilets to drink some water, although it was hot…Then we visited Wetsminster and  Buckingham Palace. After this, we were given some free time to do whatever we wanted, although most of us went directly to the hotel, as we were all very tired. Finally, at night we went to Covent Garden, where we had supper and headed back to the hotel to drop off

Alvaro Saralegui, Jack Villanueva & Iker Velasco


  • Day 4 – Wednesday 12th June 2019

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We started off the day having a good breakfast before catching a double-decker towards Greenwich. Once we got there we walked around the gardens of the observatory and took a few photos. Afterwards, we visited the market where we grabbed some food before heading towards our next destination. At Cutty Shack, we got a boat that took us to the centre of London, where we were given some free time. Since it was Marina’s birthday, we had bought a cake for her and we planned a small surprise. She was delighted. Then, whereas some people prefered to stay in the hotel resting, others went bowling and Edu was the winner. Just before going to the theatre, some of us met with an old friend who lives nearby and spent some time with her. We finished the day watching one of the best musicals ever made, Les Miserables. It was an amazing performance. After getting some food at Leicester square we headed back to the hotel, ready to start a new day.

Eric Alonso, Markel GoiKuria & Alvaro Gorczyca


  • Day 5 – Thursday 13th June 2019

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After having breakfast and discussing what we were going to do we started the day off by taking the tube to Hyde Park. We were all very nervous because we were waiting for our Selectividad marks. It was pouring down but as soon as the marks came out everyone stopped and checked the marks. We were all quite happy about the results achieved. Then we started making our way yo the area where the science museum is, we had one hour to look around. There were many things to do so we had to go through the things pretty fast. Next we went to the natural history museum which was just round the corner, there we saw the dinosaurs, mammals, insects, plants and rocks to name a few. Finally we were dropped off at Harrods where we would spend our free time. However we couldn’t afford anything. Afterwards some people went to the hotel whilst others went to the karaoke. We finished off the day having dinner in an English Pub where we had a great time.

Mario Hermo,  Pablo Navarro & Eduardo Rocha 

      · Day 6 – Friday 14th June 2019

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On the last day we were allowed to sleep more than the other days, however some of us woke up so late that we didn’t manage to have breakfast. We got the metro and went to Camden Town, there we had breakfast and we did the last shoppings. Then we met at the hotel in order to get a bus that leave us in the Airport. We went by bus to the Airport, and there we had our meal and plenty of free time, because we arrived very early in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Finally, although our flight was delayed we only waited 40 minutes more and we got our flight. We had a great time.

Marina del Campo, Sofia del Castillo & Diego López Areal

11 / 06 / 19