A Values-based Education

At St. George’s British International School, we pride ourselves on our commitment to teaching our students the core values that we consider to be fundamental to personal development. We believe that a solid foundation in human values enables our students to become useful and proactive members of the global community and goes hand in hand with the acquisition of academic knowledge and understanding. Our students develop clearly defined personal value systems, giving them the confidence, compassion and maturity to face the social and ethical challenges of the future.

As part of the Globeducate group, St. George’s British International School is committed to educating young people with an awareness of the importance of diversity and the ability to communicate and connect with people from different countries and cultures. We offer an integrated education that prepares our students to address the challenges faced by the global community with sensitivity and positivity, encouraging an awareness of the issues prevalent in the wider world, rather than simply focusing on our immediate surroundings.

Collaboration with NGOs

Participation in charity and community work gives our students the opportunity to put their personal values into practice and helps to develop a sense of solidarity and empathy. Our students collaborate with a number of charitable initiatives such as the Food Bank, the Spanish Association against Cancer, Domund, Save the Children, Cáritas Diocesana or the Harribide Foundation, which promotes social and educational projects for children and young people.

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