Educational Excellence

At St. George’s British International School, one of our principal aims is to prepare every student to live successfully in a globalised world, and Educational Excellence plays a key role in achieving this goal. Educational Excellence involves employing highly-qualified, experienced teachers and using the most appropriate teaching and learning methodologies to identify and maximise each student’s individual talents and abilities. We provide personalised attention to every pupil and offer an all-round, integrated education, helping every pupil to identify their strengths and weaknesses and to achieve their full academic potential.

Educational Excellence at St. George’s School is based upon innovative and continually evolving teaching methodologies, a broad and balanced curriculum, an outstanding teaching team, and an excellent support structure, including our Educational Psychology Department, which provides support and guidance for students, teachers and families. These elements unite to provide a structured and forward-looking teaching and learning environment in which our students, and the school as a whole, can grow and thrive.

Curriculum and Key Stages

St. George’s British International School offers a multilingual, integrated education, adapted to suit the needs of each individual student and the social, academic and professional demands of today’s world. We offer the British Curriculum from Early Years to Year 7, and a bilingual curriculum throughout the Secondary and Post 16 stages. Students are given the opportunity to study French as an additional language from year 10 onwards. Music, art and sport play a significant role in our educational programme, and we aim to educate young people who are positive, committed and independent individuals, well-prepared to face the challenges of whatever path they choose to take as they move on into the wider world.

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Our innovative teaching and learning methodologies can be adapted to suit the needs of each individual pupil and at St. George’s, students are encouraged to become curious, well-organised and independent learners. This focus on the individual helps each student to identify and develop their innate strengths and weaknesses, helping them to plan their learning pathway and to achieve excellent results.

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Technological Innovation

New technologies and experiential teaching strategies encourage students to engage fully in the learning process, stimulating interest and motivation. We explore and select the best new technological solutions for use in the classroom, enabling us to provide a dynamic, attractive and contemporary educational experience. We offer activities such as Coding, which promotes cognitive development whilst preparing students for the significant technological, professional and social challenges of the future.

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Teaching Staff

Teachers at St. George’s British International School are fully committed to the learning process at every educational stage, providing knowledge, clarification, motivation and inspiration. Staff participate in regular and structured training sessions in order to ensure that they remain at the cutting edge of their craft. Initiatives such as the Learning Coaches scheme and Globeducate’s Platinum Standard programme, ensure that staff are provided with opportunities for continuous improvement, facilitate interaction with other professionals and allow the assimilation of current strategies for teaching and learning.

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The Education Psychology department

Our Educational Psychology Department works with students, teachers and parents to address the needs of each individual student. The department consists of a team of professionals who specialise in the learning process and who will ensure that each child is provided with the support and guidance that they need to progress in line with their particular strengths and abilities.

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