Global Readiness

Introducing several languages ​​at an early age assists children’s cognitive development and has numerous benefits, both socially and academically. From the age of three onwards, our pupils experience full linguistic immersion in English, and are also taught Spanish, French and Basque. Furthermore, at St. George’s British International School, we offer our students a wide range of study programmes, activities and exchanges, enabling them to enjoy authentic international experiences that help to broaden their future horizons within the global community.


At St. George’s British International School, we focus on instilling an international outlook and a thirst for discovering other cultures and learning new languages. English is our school’s main language, and all English classes are taught by qualified and experienced, native-speaking, teachers. Students also take classes in Spanish, French and Basque, providing them with all the benefits of a truly international curriculum.

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International Events

Globeducate’s international activities programme ensures that our students are provided with a multitude of opportunities to help them to perfect their language skills whilst building friendships with young people from other countries. Throughout the academic year, pupils from St. George’s, along with young people from other schools in the Globeducate group, are invited to participate in various multicultural events, ranging from conferences and academic or sports competitions to an international music festival.

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Overseas Exchanges

Being part of the Globeducate group enables us to offer our pupils a range of overseas exchange opportunities, providing them with experiences that are linguistically and culturally enriching. Exchanging views and building friendships with other young people from different parts of the world encourages our students to be open-minded and prepares them for the possibility of studying or working abroad in the future.

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Cambridge IGCSE

Cambridge IGCSEs are one of the most respected international qualifications in the world for teenagers aged from 14 to 16 years old. They were created more than 25 years ago and are recognised and respected by leading universities and international companies alike. Over the two-year course, the IGCSE programmes enable students to become independent and competent learners, and effectively provide a passport to personal and academic success.

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