More than just a school

At St. George’s British International School, we offer a comprehensive and personalised education that goes beyond the requirements of the official curriculum. We feel that it is of the utmost importance to consider the needs of each individual student in order to promote their academic and personal development. Music, sport and creative art programmes form an integral part of our curriculum, and in addition to facilitating the development of cognitive and physical skills, their presence in the school’s syllabus teaches our students values such as teamwork, self-discipline, respect, sensitivity and responsibility.


The main aim of St. George’s British International School’s music programme is to kindle a passion for music that goes beyond the classroom. Students can:

  • Learn up to 5 different instruments and how to read music
  • Learn music theory and composition and join the choir or orchestra
  • Participate in performances and concerts

Our music programme also helps our pupils to be sensitive, hard-working and self-disciplined.

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We strongly believe that sport has a vital role to play in educating young people. It not only enhances physical development but also promotes fundamental values ​​and life skills. We offer a wide variety of sporting activities to enable our students to:

  • Improve individual physical skills such as agility, strength, coordination and endurance
  • Learn about a variety of sports, games and physical activities
  • Develop intrinsic values such as determination, perseverance and self-discipline
  • Develop team skills such as leadership, communication, cooperation and fair play
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Creative Arts

Our creative arts programme provides tangible cognitive and personal benefits, fostering skills such as creativity, artistic expression and sensitivity. It gives our students the opportunity to:

  • Express themselves creatively and think “outside the box”
  • Develop their artistic and creative talents
  • Stimulate concentration, empathy and the ability to see the world from a different perspective
  • Participate in local and international competitions
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