Serantes 5 June 2019 Year 6
To close the cycle of activities in nature after having done canoeing and skiing, he played mountain.
And we have in front of the school a very attractive mountain: the Serantes.
Towards its summit we headed from the Cabieces district of Santurtzi, one of the most classic routes of ascent. With good weather and a good pace in an hour of walking at a good pace we reached the summit. There is the reformed Torreón that is visible from the school. Privileged views, the whole Abra, the mountains of Triano, Castro, Pagasarri, Gorbea… A wonder. In the descent we visited the Fortín, all of them vestiges of the war against the United States in the XIX. who was going to tell us…
We also dedicated ourselves to “sapaburu” fishing. Captures that were returned to their habitat.
We continued the entertaining descent overlooking the port facilities, ending in another neighborhood of Santurtzi, San Juan, where Mari Jose was waiting for us to return us to school.
Next year Pagasarri.


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